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Together with their families

Aída  &  Héctor

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Joyfully invite you to their wedding celebration
July 23, 2022
Please join us at Infinity Center, Bajamar, Ensenada
Our Story

Our “Forever Meant To Be” Love Story 

by Aida & Hector


There are many love stories in this world. Some go unwritten and never told while others are so classic, they live on forever. We are blessed to share with you our story and add it to the world’s list. This is our “Forever Meant To Be.”

  Our story began 18 years ago in a little piano class at Long Beach City College.  On the first day of the semester, Hector, a young and ambitious daydreamer, eagerly awaited for his class to begin. As seats started to fill up, new piano partners and friendships were being formed all around him. Feeling really cool with his new Razr Flip phone he was ready to make new friends and add them to his contacts. This was a new adventure.  To his surprise, class had begun and no one sat next to him over the shared piano. The only empty seat in the whole class was staring him in the face. For a brief moment, doubt set in. Was the empty seat trying to tell him something? Hector felt as though he and life were never on the same page. Staying true to himself, he smiled and shook it off. He was determined to have a good day.  

Now, if this were a movie, this is where the camera slowly starts to focus on the piano instructor. Just as she began to speak, the classroom door opened and in came one last student.  A stunning young woman named Aida walked in and needed to find a seat. 

Little did they know, from that moment on, life would never be the same for either of them. As Hector watched Aida walk in, his heart skipped a beat. Love at first sight was real!

The instructor assigned the last seat to Aida, which was next to Hector.  She quickly sat down and looked at her new partner. “Hi!” she said.  Hector kept his googly eyes for her to a minimum and casually responded a cool “Hi.”  As the semester went on, they got along great! In fact, it was surprising to both of them how much they had in common. They were both from the same city, same group of friends and shared similar interests. Their friendship grew into a romance. They grew close, had fun, and made a handful of memories.

As beautiful as those moments were, Life had a different plan & sent them onto separate paths. Hector went off to focus on life and pursue his music career. Aida went off to focus on her college degree and soon after had a wonderful baby boy named Ethan. Each of them experienced similar struggles and heartaches. 15 years later, they found themselves back in each other's lives. You know that saying, “If you love someone let them go and if they come back to you, then it was meant to be”.  Well that’s exactly what happened to us! 

One day, Aida found herself working near Hector’s house and decided to reach out to him. The thought of seeing him again brought hopeful feelings of rekindling their past. Hector was pleasantly surprised his dream girl reached out after so many years. They talked for several days with the same energy as before. It was as though 15 years had never passed.  Aida took the next step and happily invited Hector out on a date. They went to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney to watch her brother’s band play. Under a beautiful starry night, they walked to Wetzel Pretzel where they reminisced about the beautiful moments they shared 15 years ago. Looking into each other’s eyes, both their hearts melted with love and finally kissed again….. 


Yadda yadda yadda Aida said  YES!

The Wedding
23 jul 2022, 5:30 a.m.
Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort,
Km. 77.5 Toll Road Tijuana- Ensenada, Baja California, México
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Ceremony in front of the ocean 5:30 hrs

Reception Salon front of the sea Infinity Center 7:00 hrs 

Dress code: Formal for women, men are required to wear guayabera

Getting There
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For those who are staying at Hacienda Bajamar there will be transportation from the hotel to the venue on the day of the wedding, we will provide more details shortly


Hacienda Bajamar Hotel

to get a special rate mention that you are guests at Aída and Héctor's wedding

Reservation Online

+ 52 1(646) 155 0151


You can also book through Expedia or rent a house within the resort through Airbnb

Enjoy your visit

In addition to enjoying the amenities of Bajamar Golf Resort, you can take a tour of Valle de Guadalupe, recognized for being the largest producer of Mexican wine, where you will be surprised by its spectacular landscapes between vineyards and beautiful sunsets, as well as its great cuisine.

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